Social Network, Part 4

For this addition to my social network, I wanted to take the opportunity to really learn something more that just how to write the network itself in PHP. One big thing in web programing is making things dynamic and loading stuff via JavaScript. I also was interested in XML. Since this addition was the inclusion […]

iOS and Objective-C, Part 1

As a longterm Mac user and iOS user who is majoring in Computer Science, I have always been interested in learning how to write for OS X based platforms. So when I saw that Stanford University had put their class CS 193P iPhone Application Development on iTunes, I just knew. While I’ve been focusing on my […]

Social Network, Part 3

Over the past few weeks, I have been working on building a web based social network in order to teach myself PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and other web technologies. Over the first two versions, as I have added more features, the user interface has gotten more and more clumsy. For this version, I wanted […]

Social Network, Part 2

One of the programming projects I’ve been working on is a Social Network in PHP using MySQL databases. Here’s an update on how it’s going. Here’s the improvements I’ve added since last time. The Social Network now has a favicon The top navigation bar is flush with the top of the page. Friending! You can […]