Trip to Yale and New York

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of accompanying a Yalie friend of mine to New Haven and visited the esteem institution of Yale University:

Yale Sign

While there, I got to participate in some Yale Traditions, such as a dinner at Mory’s, a legendary Yale eating and drinking private club. I was able to try the delicious Baker’s Soup. As is traditional, our group participated in a Mory’s Cup Toasting, a ritualistic consumption of colorful libations from large two-fisted silver trophy cups passed from friend to friend around a table. The key is that every person must toast to something before passing the cup along. Then, as the last person finishes a cup and then soaks up every last drop of booze with the top of his head, everyone else sings Mory’s Song.


Later, we spent the day in New York. I got to visit the Fifth Aveune Apple Store, Katz’s Delicatessen, and the New York Transit Museum. It was also great to see this so high in the sky!