Social Network, Part 1

I’m someone who is always up for a challenge. It’s very interesting to see how awesome sites like Facebook and MySpace work. So recently I’ve taken a Databases and Dynamic Webpages class. Using knowledge, I’ve embarked upon an effort to code my own Social Networking site using PHP and MySQL. This past week, I have started on the actually coding of it. Here is what I have accomplished so far:

  • Users can register
  • Users can login
  • On the login and register form, there is javascript validation.
  • The welcome page displays basic user information.
  • A user can view his own profile, this is built in such a way to easily enable looking at others in next version.
  • The system checks weather a user is logged in an will not allow non-logged-in users to view profiles, the welcome page, and anything that requires an account.
  • System is COPPA complaint.

A note on design. I took my time writing this project. As much as I could, I tried to make the entire website have a uniform design. Using the same php file in multiple user facing pages, I was able to write less code that did more in more places.

Screenshots  below: